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Updated: August 20, 2023

Brighton beach
The stunning Brighton Beach on an Autumn day

Brighton is my treasured gem on the English coastline. It’s brimming with iconic beaches (Brighton Beach and Hove Lawns are spots I’d never miss), intriguing historical corners (the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Dome, and Booth Museum stand tall), and breathtaking natural vistas (the Undercliff Walk and Devil’s Dyke are my ultimate retreats). The enchanting Lanes of Brighton are a labyrinth begging to be explored, while the broader city unveils neighbourhoods bursting with character and lesser-known spots that never cease to delight the wandering soul.

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Frequently asked questions about Brighton

Where is Brighton?

Ah, Brighton! Our coastal jewel in the southeast of England, gently caressing the edges of the English Channel. Often dubbed “London-by-the-Sea”, thanks to that convenient hop away from the bustling capital.

What makes Brighton special?

Brighton weaves a tapestry of history, seaside splendour, and eclectic culture. From its bustling arts avenues to monumental treasures like the Royal Pavilion, Brighton beckons with its unique allure, casting a spell on both its residents and starry-eyed visitors.

What are the must-visit attractions in Brighton?

Venture to iconic landmarks like Brighton Pier, the opulent Royal Pavilion, the bustling lanes of North Laine filled with artisanal treasures, and, of course, the serene stretches of Brighton Beach for those dreamy sunsets.

brighton pier
Brighton Pier in all of its glory

What’s the best time to visit Brighton?

While summer (June to August) bathes Brighton in sun-kissed hues and vibrant events, the city’s welcoming embrace extends year-round. Think blossoming springs and crisp autumns for that perfect Brighton escapade.

How do I get around Brighton?

Brighton beckons you to explore on foot, with its array of attractions close-knit. While the city’s heartbeat syncs with buses and trains, pedaling around on a rented bike offers a whimsical Brighton experience.

What’s the local food scene like?

Brighton’s culinary canvas is as vibrant as its streets. From beachside bites of fish and chips to pioneering plant-based delights, it’s a food lover’s haven. And for a full immersion? The Brighton Food Festival awaits.

Are there family-friendly activities in Brighton?

A resounding yay! With enchanting attractions like SEA LIFE Brighton, the sky-touching British Airways i360, and the nostalgic Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Brighton promises endless giggles and wide-eyed wonders for families.

brighton i360
Brighton’s famous i360 in the distance (Highly recommend walking around the top of it!)

What’s the nightlife like in Brighton?

Brighton’s nights are as vivacious as its days. From age-old pubs oozing charm to the upbeat rhythms of trendy bars, live music havens, and pulsating nightclubs. And let’s not forget, Kemptown’s LGBTQ+ scene truly paints the town in rainbow hues.

Are there any hidden gems in Brighton?

Brighton’s charm lies in its nooks and crannies. Meander through North Laine’s labyrinth for quirky finds and sip on local brews in offbeat spots like Seven Dials. Brighton’s always got a secret up its sleeve.

brighton north laine
Brighton’s bustling North Laine

Can I take day trips from Brighton?

Certainly! With Brighton as your backdrop, you’re all set for day-tripping delights. Whether it’s diving into Lewes’ history, breathing in Rottingdean’s rustic beauty, or hopping on a train to the enchanting realms of Chichester.

What events are held in Brighton throughout the year?

Brighton dances to its own beat all year with events like the Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe, the jubilant Pride Brighton, and the pulsating notes of the Great Escape music festival. It’s a year-round celebration of art, vibrancy, and boundless spirit.